Haliporaides Triarthrus

Deep water pink prawns are endemic to the South West Indian Ocean (SWIO) region.

They make up the largest proportion of deep water crustacean trawl catches in Mozambique and South Africa. The prawn is caught in depths from 200m-750m, at cool temperatures between 8-13 degree celcius.

All products are Wild caught and frozen at sea on board HACCP and E.U approved vessels.


Pink prawn is usually purchased in their peeled and deveined tail form.

The meat is characterised by a sweet flavour, and delicate texture, alternatively pink prawns can be bought in shell on tail form.

The shells are pink in colour, and can be easily peeled after or before cooking.

The product is becoming increasingly popular in Europe with other territories showing good interest.


Mozambique and South Africa have the institutional structures in place for adequate fisheries management.

The Department of Fisheries in both countries have adequate data collection systems in place and the resource is adequately managed through a total allowable catch system. All product has full traceability and is accompanied with E.U catch certificates.


The pink prawns should be as fresh as possible before cooking.

They can be enjoyed steamed and served cold in a salad with a little seasoning, and good dressing.

Alternatively the meat can be prepared in a pan with chopped parsley, fish spice and a dollop of butter.

Care should be taken not to overcook the prawn meat as this will lead to it becoming tough, which will ruin the succulent texture.

Prawn meat is low in fat, and has good sources of vitamens, protein, phosphorous and omega 3 fatty acids.

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